Next month my brother, [ profile] ragnorokt, is moving to Seattle. While he looks for work and a place of his own he'll be staying with [ profile] hollyqueen and I. As you all might know he's an award winning home brewer and makes some pretty kick ass mead too. We won't have the space for him to brew anything so we thought that someone might like an opportunity to learn how to make their own beer or mead.

The general idea is [ profile] ragnorokt will help you make your own recipes in exchange for space to make his own. If anyone is interested in this I'll put the two of you in touch to work out the details. I'm just the messenger.

[ profile] hollyqueen and I think it's high time to have another gaming open house. So we're doing just that. This time we'll be rolling back the rock and opening the cavern on Saturday, May 29th starting at 2pm and going until late in the night. Since this is open house style drop by when you can and stay as long as you like.

We'll have, and I'd like to play:

We'll figure out some kind of pot luck thing for those who will be there around dinner time. This is a special game time because soon [ profile] ragnorokt will be with us and we won't have as much room to host for a bit.

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Madrona Eatery & Ale House has pub trivia on Wednesday nights starting at 8:30pm. [ profile] hollyqueen’s Wednesday night class is done so we’re going to be going this week. We would love to have folks join us. You don’t have to be a trivia wiz as it’s a team based game.

Be warned, if no one tells me they are coming I might get distracted by butterflies. If I know people are going to be there I will make sure we are there too.

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[ profile] hollyqueen has lost her mind. (Her words, not mine.) We're opening our doors for Thanksgiving. And you're invited. She'll be cooking a turkey and I've been drafted to bake bread and pie.

Home Again

Jul. 5th, 2009 12:32 pm

There was good in my trip back to Kansas City. I spent quality time with [ profile] ragnorokt, who sent me home with beer and mead. I reconnected with some dear friends who I haven't seen in far too long. Was able to share some good memories of [ profile] ranjtheobscure.

For all that there was the constant reminder of why I might be from Missouri but Washington, around the Puget Sound, is home. Beyond the humidity, which I remembered but as I said there's knowledge and then there's experience, there is the fact that I've seen mountains and the sound this morning. Driving back from Dim Sum the characters walking around Capitol Hill. I love them all.

It was fun trying to convince Kacey to move here and her trying to convince me to move back. I think we've settled on a friendly truce where we'll come visit the other. It's her turn next so I can't wait to show her my home.

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[ profile] ranjtheobscure's memorial is on Friday July 3rd. I'm flying to Kansas City on July 2nd (arrive at 7:55pm) and returning to Seattle on July 4th (leaving at 6:30pm). I'll be staying with [ profile] ragnorokt and coderigger has offered to give me a ride to the memorial. That covers all of the critical stuff.

Seattle People: I would like a ride to the airport at 9:20am on Thursday July 2nd and ride home on July 4th at 11:28pm. I can park in the long-term lot if no one is available, but I'd rather not drive after the flight back or pay for the parking. I'll bake you something or buy you a pint for a ride. :)

Kansas City People: I would like to see you. I know it's a holiday weekend and you all probably have plans but if we can work something out it would lighten the reason for making this trip. Right now I'm available Thursday evening and Saturday morning and afternoon. There is also some Friday before the memorial but coderigger has already claimed me for some of the day. [ profile] bountifulpots and [ profile] theslice are you going to be available? [ profile] verminiusrex, it might be a long shot but it would be great to meet you in person while I'm in the area too. I hope I didn't miss anyone, but if I did accept my humble apologies and thwap me so I remember you.

Me, Jimi, My Brother
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Somedays I feel very unattractive and like I shouldn't bother trying to lose weight as it never works. Then I find an old picture in a box and realize that I have made a huge improvement. Slow and steady might not be what the "gurus" tell you but it's worked for me and I haven't gone back up.

Damn, that trip was a long time ago. My brother, my first wife Linda, our friend Jimi and I all went to Chicago for the day. We flew out on the first plane in the morning and came back on the last red eye that day. It was a blast. Too bad I don't remember exactly when we went. I'm guessing it was between 1989 and 1991.


Jun. 8th, 2009 12:40 pm

As everyone might know I've really been enjoying 1vs100 on my 360. I think it would be even more fun to play with friends and others during the live games. I thought that the problem with having others to play is that you need an Xbox LIVE Gold account to play. I just found out that I was mistaken. Three guests can play with someone who has a Gold account.

I have the Gold account. I have the 360. I have seating. What I don't have is four controllers. I only have two. So if you have a controller and want to come play trivia I invite you over to give the beta of 1vs100 a spin with me. The next live game is this Friday (June 12th) from 7-9pm PDT. After that the next one is on Saturday (June 13th) from 7-9pm.

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I like to bake and [ profile] hollyqueen is incapable of cooking small quantities. We also don't get to see as many of you as we would like. Would anyone be interested in attending a sort of family style dinner at our place? We're thinking a step down from full on Thanksgiving quantities, but more than just [ profile] hollyqueen and I. Maybe once a month. Any takers? (Saying yes doesn't commit you, we just want to know if anyone would be interested.)

[Poll #1397779]

[ profile] hollyqueen and I are hosting a holiday open house/beer tasting at the Polar Palisade next Saturday, December 27th, from 2pm until midnight. We'll have movies, games, music, conversation, snacks and fun. Come when you can. Bring snacks or drinks to share if you can. I'll have some beer to taste and would love if others could bring some tasters too.

Message me if you have any questions.

I know this is last minute but I want to celebrate with more than opening a bottle at home. Join [ profile] hollyqueen and I at Elysian's Capitol Hill location at 6pm for dinner and drinks. While I'm a big fan prohibition involved more than just beer so come along even if you're not normally a beer person. Heck, even if you don't drink alcohol come along and have some tasty food!


Oct. 24th, 2008 09:06 am
Had a pretty grand day yesterday. Lots of birthday wishes from wonderful people. A grand time at my dinner party. Although getting spanked by someone from the other table was a bit odd. [ profile] ragnorokt called but it was too noisy to talk.

I should have taken today off, but I want to save the time for St. Louis and Kansas City. Speaking of Missouri, my plans have changed. I'm still going to Missouri, but we're not going to Branson. I'll be spending some time with my family in St. Louis. During the week we will also come to Kansas City for a couple of days. So if you want to see me and [ profile] hollyqueen we'll be in the state from December 14th through the 21st. Let me know what days would work so I can try to organize when we'll be where. Oh, and if anyone was willing to host a get together so I don't have to drive all over the city that would be fantastic!

We have an election tomorrow and I haven't gotten my voter card or have any idea where I can go vote. I registered to vote over a month ago and hoped I would hear from the election board by now. Does anyone know who I can call or where I can look to find my polling place and what ID I need to vote in my new district?

Update: [ profile] loree gave me a link to the King County elections website. According to their website I'm still registered at my old address. So much for filling out the voter registration form at the Bite of Seattle. They're closed now but I guess I'll call in the morning to see if I can pull a miracle out of my butt.

Go me!

Jul. 28th, 2008 12:29 pm

Saturday we were in the Southern Wilds to help [ profile] jedifreeman celebrate another turn around the wheel. I hope he had a good time, it looked like he did. I, without a doubt, had a grand time. I was in a very social and outgoing mood and met two new people who I hope will become good friends. I was able to teach folks Whist and we played a few hands. Sadly I misremembered the rules a bit but not in a way that I think negatively impacted the game.

One “problem” was how quickly [ profile] rainonthewind helped [ profile] hollyqueen in holding me down and trying to unbutton my shirt. They were so mean to me!

The highlight of the night was lying in the grass while being surrounded by three beautiful women. It’s not my fault that everyone else was inside playing Rock Band. I didn’t block the door or anything! ;)

Bad girls!

Jul. 25th, 2008 12:23 pm
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[ profile] sirriamnis is a bad girl and I like it! She mentioned the book Voluptuous Panic which covers erotica in the Weimar era of Berlin. My copy arrived today and I keep sneaking into my bag to look at more of it. I should be working but I’m too distracted. See! She’s leading me to distraction. Isn’t that bad? :D

You should do as she asks. After all we wouldn't want to upset the new Mom would we?

Update: They're all making me blush!


Jun. 10th, 2008 04:13 pm
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[ profile] hollyqueen says that she has not seen many of you in far too long. Anybody want to join us for dinner at 3 Lions in Redmond tomorrow around 7?

As usual, she makes an offer that she can't deliver. ;)

Thanks so much to [ profile] loree, [ profile] loba and [ profile] shannonluna! Me love you long time! They came over last night and helped us pack. I think we made a significant dent in the packing. The big thing left is for us to go through our closets and the office to separate out the stuff to keep from the stuff that’s going to be given away/donated to charity.

Speaking of things that are going away. This weekend we’ll be around and we have lots of books that are free for the taking. So if you’re around give us a call and we’ll work out a time for you come find a treasure. ;)

Moving day is two weeks from today. I can’t wait until its over.

Saturday was a great day! It started with a shift as boat host on the ARTHUR FOSS for NW Seaport. The sky was clear blue and the temperature was perfect for me. In my two hour shift we had 30 people come and tour the boat. I’m really looking forward to my shift this coming Saturday as the Lake Union Park Grand Opening is earlier in the week and there should be lots of activity next weekend.

Next [ profile] hollyqueen and I went to look at rental in South Seattle. While it wasn’t a bad place it was too far to commute every day for a rental. Also there was a “For Sale” sign in the yard and I’m not comfortable renting a place that’s for sale.

After that I had to run home to shower and change so that [ profile] cheesentoast could take me to the Cirque du Soleil show Corteo. Wow, what an amazing show. It was beautiful and impressive. [ profile] cheesentoast and I had a lot of fun talking and turning heads in the crowd. My favorite was the guy who agreed with me that it was ok to be a kept man. His wife didn’t look like she agreed though.

Once the show was done we went and picked up [ profile] hollyqueen who was stunning. She had hours to get dressed and she used them to great advantage. We went out to dinner and they sat across from me. A feast for the eyes, body and soul. Lucky me!

On Sunday I picked up $little and we went to see The Forbidden Kingdom (2008). I enjoyed the movie and if you’re a fan of wushu, particularly wuxia, films you will too. I don’t think the TFK has much general appeal but if you enjoyed Hero (2002), Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) or Iron Monkey (1993) you should check it out. The Forbidden Kingdom is closest to Iron Monkey in action and content.

After the movie I met [ profile] sirraimnis, [ profile] ogremarco and [ profile] hollyqueen at Three Lions Pub. It was great to talk and visit for a bit before [ profile] hollyqueen and I had to leave to go shopping. We both agree that we need to spend more time with them and introduce them to Coupling. The rest of the evening was pretty miserable as I was having a bad time with my health.

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Paraphrased from memory.

[ profile] hollyqueen: So what is the difference between zombies, mummies and vampires?
[ profile] hollyking: Well zombies follow very primal instincts, vampires have free will and mummies are under the control of someone else.
[ profile] hollyqueen: Does anyone else talk about the undead during foreplay?
[ profile] hollyking: Among our friends? Yes, I think they do.



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