Last night I finished my first play through of Alan Wake... (Spoilers Inside) )

The Old Gods of Asgard songs in the game are performed by Poets of the Fall. A band I hadn't heard of before but I'm glad I looked into them. In particular I want to share their video for Carnival of Rust. You can check it out below.

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[ profile] hollyqueen and I think it's high time to have another gaming open house. So we're doing just that. This time we'll be rolling back the rock and opening the cavern on Saturday, May 29th starting at 2pm and going until we kick you all out. After I first announced this I realized it was Memorial Day weekend. I know folks have plans so this is open house style. Drop by when you can and stay as long as you like (subject to previously mentioned kicking).

Bring snacks and drinks and we'll figure out some kind of dinner if necessary. The patio is under construction but it might be finished before Saturday so I can fire up the grill.

We'll have, and I'd like to play:

[ profile] hollyqueen and I think it's high time to have another gaming open house. So we're doing just that. This time we'll be rolling back the rock and opening the cavern on Saturday, May 29th starting at 2pm and going until late in the night. Since this is open house style drop by when you can and stay as long as you like.

We'll have, and I'd like to play:

We'll figure out some kind of pot luck thing for those who will be there around dinner time. This is a special game time because soon [ profile] ragnorokt will be with us and we won't have as much room to host for a bit.


Mar. 14th, 2010 05:53 pm

I suck at racing but I'm really enjoying Blur. Enough that I'll eventually be as good at Blur as I am at Crash Team Racing. With online play that means I'll still be able to find people willing to race me. :)

I like playing Spades and Whist. It’s not easy to find people who also like to play so from time to time I try playing online or AI opponents. Online players drop out if they start to lose. AI opponents have been bad, bad players.

I mean the AI players in the games I’ve tried are really bad. For example, it is my partner’s turn to play in the first round of a hand and the following cards have been played: K, A and 7. So I have taken the trick and expect the AI partner to follow suit or toss an off-suit card. This AI decides to drop the A♠ and steal a trick I bid on taking. Did the AI have a lot of spades and not have anything else to play? No, that was his only spade. Damn thing bid high to so we weren’t able to make our bid for that hand because of plays like that. Gah! I am almost tempted to learn more about programming games and artificial intelligence just to I can write an AI partner who would be smarter than a box of rocks.

Time to survey the non-free card games on the PC to see if there have been any improvements in the AI players. I just didn’t want to buy a bunch of games to find one I would actually play.

Game On!

Jul. 8th, 2009 03:34 pm
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[ profile] hollyqueen and I have hosted generic game day events before. However, this time we have a few board games that I would like to play. So instead of a generic invitation we'll be playing three specific games. The games are: Hacker, RoboRally and Arkham Horror. As you can see that gives us a wide variety to play.

This Sunday, July 12th, I'll open the doors at 2pm. (Being a lazy Sunday who wants to get up earlier than that?) Come play games, socialize and have fun.

Also, note that the next Crafty night is the day after. Monday July 13th at 7pm. I'll be varnishing a boat. What will you do? :)

360 RPGs?

Mar. 28th, 2009 02:37 pm

I've just finished Mass Effect and before that Fable: The Lost Chapters. I enjoyed both games and am looking for another to fill the void. I like RPGs but wasn't fond of the FPS elements in Mass Effect. (Ok, I really (really) enjoyed using the sniper rifle.) This makes me concerned about the amount of FPS combat in Fallout 3, but what I have seen of the game looks fun. Fable II is also on my list of possible games.

The question is what games might I be missing? I used to play a lot of RPGs on the PC and PlayStation but I've been out of the loop for a while so I was hoping my friends could point me in the right direction.

Deal me in

Mar. 10th, 2009 11:19 am

I posted before about enjoying card games and wanting to host some. Well its past time that I should have, so I am. On Wednesday March 18th I welcome people to join me at 7pm to learn and play Whist.

As I mentioned before Whist is similar to Spades. The differences are the trump suit changes each deal and there is no bidding. I think it is easier to learn Whist before Spades because there isn’t any bidding and the scoring is simpler.

For your amusement here is an article from the New York Times from July 1912. I used the picture of Horatio Hornblower as he was known as an avid Whist player in the books by C.S. Forester.

I bid 3!

Feb. 10th, 2009 12:37 pm

I enjoy socializing over a game of cards. A long time ago I used to play quite often with friends. I joke about majoring in Spades when I was in college but I certainly studied the game more than I did my classwork. I’ve missed it and I want to play again. I want to play enough that I’m willing to host games, teach games and learn any new games people would like to play.

Some of the games I know and like to play are Spades, Whist, Hearts, Gin Rummy, Rummy. My favorite is Whist, which is very similar to Spades, but I enjoy them all. I find Pagat is a great source for rules and information about card games.

Would you be interested in getting together once a month for an evening of cards? A group of four can play a round of games in a couple of hours which fits nicely into a week night which might otherwise be idle.

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If you want to play go ahead and join [ profile] the_leber_expd. We're having discussions to help everyone get started and answer questions. Don't worry about being perfect or ready to send your letters right away. Not everyone would start at the same time if this was a real society anyway. What I do want is to make sure you get the help you need.

M’mselle Chatton,

Warm greetings and my compliments to you. I hope this humble missive finds you in most excellent health and wellness. I was honored and pleased to receive your letter requesting more information about The Leber Expeditions. Without further ado, I shall endeavor to explain my purpose.

Spending the winter here in München I longed for the days when I traveled the world. You might have heard about my younger days in India. Traveling around the countryside I was amazed by the wonders I beheld. Having nothing at home to keep me from wandering I began preparations for a new expedition. The problem that crops up is how to enjoy all this world has to offer? Age brings wisdom and the knowledge that my time on this globe is not great enough to complete a great expedition. The inspiration struck. An epiphany one might even say.

Why not use my fortunes to sponsor others of like mind and proclivities? So began the formation of The Leber Expeditions, a society of explorers. They are tasked with the mission of exploring the world and mailing journal entries back to the society. These entries shall be bound into a book for all to read and enjoy. With this in mind I’ve founded The Leber Expeditions and posted the following advertisement.

People wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, harsh weather, long hours. Safe return doubtful. Honour in event of success. Apply to Herr Leber c/o The Leber Expeditions, München.

My hope is that, as you have done, people will mail in their applications to tell me about themselves and where they plan to explore. I will review each application and those of good character, such as yourself, will be welcomed to the society, sent their traveling papers and the first stipend to fund an expedition.

Without further ado, allow me to welcome you as a full member of The Leber Expeditions.

I beg to remain, M’mselle, your obt. svt. &c.,
Herr Remig Leber
The Leber Expeditions

This is the secret project I've been hinting about for the past few days. A letter writing game I've devised for our mutual amusement and enlightenment. Please go look at [ profile] the_leber_expd for details. You can ask questions here or there, but there would be the preferred arena for out of game discussions. I'm very excited about this.


Jul. 8th, 2008 03:19 pm

Blizzard owns my soul. Yes they do! There’s still some time to wait but at lunch today I picked up Diablo II, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War. Now I’ll have something to occupy my idle moments while I’m waiting for StarCraft II and Diablo III.

Have any of you picked them up again, or still play, and want to meet up on sometime? I should be all installed and ready to go tonight. [ profile] hollyqueen was a meanie and wouldn’t let my play sick to go home after lunch. (She takes such good care of me.)

After the "fun" on Friday the weekend was much better. Saturday [ profile] hollyqueen and I spent the day together shopping for craft supplies. I was exhausted but happy as we spent the evening working on projects together.

I spent the first part of Sunday going to see The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008) with my Little Brother. It was a good movie and we both enjoyed it. There were several trailers for movies that we both want to see. I did feel a bit of a stab when he hadn't heard of Indiana Jones. You kids get off my lawn!!! After the movie [ profile] hollyqueen headed over to Nerdvana to play games with [ profile] loree, [ profile] sirramnis and [ profile] ogremarco.

Monday was a holiday for me so I had made all kinds of plans to do some chores around the house. Instead I had a massive headache and spent the day playing WoW and getting my toon to level 66. Go me!

[ profile] walbourn is good and wise! [ profile] walbourn tells me happy things! [ profile] walbourn was right!

Mass Effect is coming to the PC!

Speaking of games, [ profile] hollyqueen picked up a copy of Zombie Fluxx yesterday. We played a few games last night and I thought it was a lot of fun.

If you've played Fluxx then you know most of the game. ZF adds Creeper cards which are the zombies. The Keeper cards include weapons and the Goals can be won only if you have zombies or if you have no zombies. For example, the goal "I'll Hold Them Off!" is won if you have a weapon and are the only player to have zombies. There is also the Ungoal which causes all players to lose because the zombies win.

Like Fluxx I think it's a great game for a casual gathering. It doesn't take long to learn the rules. It's a bit slow keeping track of what rules are in effect at first but it quickly gets easier with practice. If you like Fluxx and you like zombies I would pick up a copy. (Or just invite me over and I'll bring it along. ;)

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Based on recommendations from [ profile] sirriamnis I gave [ profile] hollyqueen a copy of [Unhallowed Metropolis][uh] for her birthday. Now she’s lost it for the near future… We were enjoying a relaxed afternoon and I picked up the book and started reading. I didn’t put it down until bed time and I brought it to work with me to read during lunch.

So my Queen and I are looking for a role playing game to join. We have Unhallowed Metropolis and GURPS books and are open to other systems. [ profile] hollyqueen would like to play in a non-fantasy setting while I’m open to anything. Anyone have a couple of openings?

Tonight: [ profile] hollyqueen and I are going to my company holiday party in Renton with Hit Explosion. Free food and drinks should make up for having to drive to Renton during rush hour.

Saturday: Cleaning the house in the morning while waiting for [ profile] shadowmatt to arrive. Then he and I are heading over to the Winter Beer Fest to get our drink on. We will be joined by [ profile] intrepid_reason and [ profile] fallenpegasus later in the day. Then it's back home to grab [ profile] hollyqueen and reward her with dinner before she has to put up with the [ profile] shadowmatt and I playing Guitar Hero into the early hours of the morning.

Sunday: Say goodbye to [ profile] shadowmatt as he makes his way back to the heathen lands down south. Spend some time with my Little Brother. Then [ profile] hollyqueen and I have a date for dinner and a movie. It's her turn to pick the movie so I don't know what we'll see yet.


Nov. 23rd, 2007 10:14 pm

Today I enjoyed: Visiting with friends. Eating some tasty turkey. Playing games. Finding a new fun game that I'll have to get for myself and generally had a pretty dang good day. I even made up for the really stupid move that cost me about 4 hours of play time in Final Fantasy XII yesterday.

That is all...

Today [ profile] cheesentoast signed the papers for her own apartment which will be available on Monday. So she'll be moving out next week into her own slice of the "American" dream. On one hand I'm going to miss having her close at hand. On the other our place is cramped with three people so having more breathing room will be nice. It's not like she's flying off to the wilds of southern California or another country... ;)

[ profile] hollyqueen has decided to keep her desk downstairs which means I'll have the upstairs room mostly to myself. I've been thinking of what to do with the space and here are some of the things under consideration:

  • Move the games and puzzles under the stairs so they are easily accessible when we are ready to host some friends.
  • File all the boxes of papers into the filing cabinets.
  • Move a lot of non-clothing stuff in the bedroom closets into the office closet to give [ profile] hollyqueen more room.
  • Setup the old PS2 with the dance pad and the alternate input on my monitor for some DDR goodness.
  • Dig out some radio gear and setup a small 2-meter station.
  • Rearrange the books on the shelves to sort the books by category.
  • Create a small crafting/project space and organize all my projects.

Basically I want to make a space where I can spend some time working on my existing projects and hobbies instead of going out buying new ones. One key thing I want to maintain is the ability for the room to be used for guests. It would be great if people could come for a visit and we didn't have to stick them on the floor in the corner.

I'll need a name for this area. I'm thinking about the [ profile] cheesentoast Memorial Research Lab. CMRL for short. ;)

Thanks to [ profile] tithonium I am again a ROCK GOD as I play Guitar Hero III!!! My allegiance to my most benevolent dictator has again been rewarded.

GH3 has a new co-op career mode so I'm looking for someone who would like to rock out with me. There are some songs that are only available in co-op career mode and they call out for release!

Speaking of players are there any aspiring drummers out there? Rock Band is coming and [ profile] hollyqueen and I have singing and one of the guitars covered. We could use another guitar player and a drummer to round out our band. Actually I wouldn't mind anyone wanting to play any part. There's enough to go around with all the Karaoke Revolution, Guitar Hero and Rock Band games.



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