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I received my first birthday present for this year. It is a very old (copyright 1895) German book. I'm not quite sure how to translate the title but I think it's something like "Bismarck Memorial for the German People." There is a picture of Bismarck on the end pages, but I don't read enough German, yet, to really know what it says.

Thank you [ profile] cheesentoast!
I couldn't wait anymore so at midnight I opened the package from my Mother. Inside I found The Man in Black: The International Johnny Cash, Computer Experiments Vol. 1 and two of the Xxenophile books. !!! Mom bought me pr0n for my birthday?!

I'm guessing she just picked things off of my wishlist. Still it's a bit unsettling. The Man in Black is awesome though. It's a German musician singing covers of JC songs and some JC singing in German.

I’m catching up on my backlog of podcasts when I was treated to a gem of a song by the My Germany podcast. The group The BossHoss performs covers of hit pop, rock and hip hop songs in a country/western style. My treat from their first album Internashville Urban Hymns was a cover of Word Up! by Cameo.

Yesterday I rediscovered that Deutsche Welle (DW) and BBC both offer free German courses. DW has three different courses for beginners and a course for intermediate speakers and the courses can be downloaded as podcasts in iTunes. They also offer a news podcast that is spoken slowly for listening practice. So guess who hooked up his iPod again and spent some time downloading podcasts?

This morning I’m listening to an episode of Radio Goethe and I keep ask myself why I stopped listening. I really enjoy the music Arndt Peltner features on the show. One day I should be able to understand the lyrics too. ;)

Last Thursday [ profile] hollyqueen and I went to Hess Bakery & Delicatessen to satisfy my need for German meat and cheese. I could have spent a lot more time and money going through all the tasty stuff in the deli case. In the end I came home with a ½ lb of Rauchfleisch, a ½ lb of double smoked Schinken and a large bag of Jagerwurst. Death to pigs (and cows)!

Jagerwurst is a dried spiced sausage similar to pepperoni. Being dried it would travel well and great as part of a hiking lunch. Rauchfleisch is smoked beef and it was very tasty. So tasty it didn’t last the weekend. Schinken is ham and it is very smoky. The smoke flavor is so strong I can’t eat much of this by itself but I’m going to experiment with some cheese to make sandwiches.

Now it’s time for lunch… Gutes Essen, gute Laune!

I must have this! There's also Pinky & The Brain and Tiny Toons. Mine! They must all be mine!

I like baking and while I don't get to do it often enough I want to make some cookies again this year. I really like making German styles of cookies, but all my recipes, save one*, call for nuts. [ profile] hollyqueen is allergic so I'm trying to find some new recipes to try that aren't filled with nuts.

Any suggestions? Peanuts are acceptable, because they are a legume.

* [ profile] hollyqueen doesn't care for the flavor of anise so the Springerles are out too.

kokogiak scanned images from the 1963 and 1991 edition of Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever and posted them side by side on Flickr. I had the 1963 edition of the book as a kid and found a lot of the changes humorous. I wonder how expensive it would be to get them in German.


Dec. 6th, 2006 04:01 pm
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So far the best online German dictionary I've found is hosted by Technische Universität Chemnitz. Recently they updated the interface and renamed it to Beolingus. Sure it's named after the Beo (a Hill Myna in English), but I'm a boy and always 5 years old at heart. So I always chuckle a little when I load the site to look up a word.

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Another of the gifts from [ profile] hollyqueen is a dictionary of German slang. I could have used the phrase Beißen wir schnell noch einen ab! on Saturday.

I have learned a few things after watching season one of Lost. They are:

  1. If you show up near the end of the season and start having a speaking role... You gonna die.
  2. The average person needs to get a little basic survival training. I know more about surviving from just my time in the Boy Scouts than a lot of those idiots.
  3. Never allow a crazy French woman anywhere near your camp.
  4. Being a high school teacher doesn't mean you know a damn thing about handling old dynamite. (See rule #1)
  5. A 20' boat cruising around in the dark in uncharted waters can only mean trouble.
  6. This is the most important rule. Until you are rescued everybody needs to keep it in their pants. No macho bullshit will be allowed. With all those damn trees they could have built a damn luxury liner and been on the way home if they would just work together. If I was on the island I would have put a cap in kate, locke, sawyer and most definatly shannon long ago.



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