Here is a sign I encountered on my lunch break hike today. It explains how the area was replanted in the 80s to restore the natural habitat. Between yesterday and today I've hiked the perimeter of the island where my office is located. I should start packing my lunch and finding other trails close by to hike. I know there are quite a few more in Mercer Slough that I haven't covered yet. I bet there are more around Bellevue too.

MyTracks is a great app that logs my hikes and provides some basic information such as average speed, total time, altitude gain and distance covered. The problem is I'm pretty positive I didn't walk through the water and I'm not 23 meters below sea level! Not that I really need much accuracy for this application.

Health note: Today I wore my hiking boots and my feel feel much better than they did after yesterdays hike. My ankles are still an issue but it's not so bad I can't keep going.

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I posted about hiking earlier and during my lunch I decided it was too nice a day not to go outside and enjoy the weather. Yes, I know a lot of people don't like our current temperatures but I find 30F to be very refreshing and the sun was shining. I had a great time during the walk though I had a couple of problems with trails vanishing on me. My office is part of a complex located in the Mercer Slough. That's a fancy name for saying I work in a cold-water swamp. They have built trails and recently they were given a bit of maintenance and are quite walkable. Mostly.

If the map shows up below, you can see how I started at the green dot and walked south then west a bit. The reason is that the trail ended where the maintenance stopped. You can see some photos I took on my Flickr.

I have a few goals for 2011 which mostly consists of exploring some interests I've had for a while and restarting some I haven't enjoyed for a long time. My desires revolve around getting outside more and learning older skills that I think I would enjoy. What I want to explore in 2011 is:

Hiking - I hiked a lot until the early '90s when work and a sick spouse stopped me from going out. Well I want to do that again. Sadly my ankles give me lots of trouble when walking but I'm going to see my doctor and a physical therapist and see what we can do to fix that. It might as simple as walking to build up their strength again. This would include city walks, volksmarching and trail hikes in the Puget Sound area.

Orienteering - As a Boy Scout I did my share of orienteering. There is some activity in the area and I'm planning on attending my first meet on January 8th. I'll have the same walking trouble but I hope it isn't a permanent problem. I need to pick up a compass and a whistle but I'm sure REI will have more than I need. Do any of you have a book you would recommend on the subject?

Celestial Navigation - I've always been fascinated by navigating by using the stars. Thanks to [ profile] gfish's offer I will be learning how to do just that. I've ordered new editions of the almanac and a few other books from the US Naval Observatory and will start saving up for my own sextant.

Slide Rule - A co-worker gave me a slide rule with the note, "All of us geeks need at least one. I definitely don't need 5! Now you have one." Now I need to learn how to use it. I've found a few books at the Seattle Public Library about it but I would love to hear about any recommendations you might have.

That's enough for now. With classes I think that's enough to keep me busy for the year. I might have to give up on some gaming to fit everything in, though I don't think that's a major loss. I have already cut my TV watching down to a minimum and don't really miss it.

Today [ profile] cheesentoast, [ profile] niac, [ profile] dreamingcrow, [ profile] hollyqueen and I went for a hike at Tiger Mountain today. I think much fun was had by all but most certainly by me! My new socks and boots worked like a charm and I didn't suffer any pain in my legs, ankles or feet.

While I took my camera I didn't actually take any pictures. [ profile] niac did though and I can't wait to see what he captured. I should have taken a few like the face we saw carved into the stump of a downed tree and the cute girls walking in the woods. ;)

This was the first but it is most certainly not the last.

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As I posted before I want to go walk among the trees. [ profile] cheesentoast wants to as well. We think you should join us! So I'm posting the information here and you're all welcome to join. Rain or shine I'll be going for a walk.

The details:

Sunday March 16th at 1pm
Tiger Mountain. Meet at main parking lot off Exit 20 of I90. Take the exit and turn right at the top of the ramp. You turn the next right on to the road that parallels the freeway. Follow it to the end. If you don't want to go up a somewhat washboard road, park where the pavement ends.
Big Tree Loop (Green Trails Map 204S)
Because I want to.

Questions? Comments?

Take a Hike

Mar. 3rd, 2008 09:04 pm

I want to go walk among the trees. [ profile] cheesentoast wants to as well. We think you should join us! So I'm posting the information here and you're all welcome to join. Rain or shine I'll be going for a walk.

The details:

Sunday March 16th at 1pm
Tiger Mountain
Big Tree Loop (Green Trails Map 204S)
Because I want to.

Questions? Comments?

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So now that I have socks covered it’s time to move up to the next area of clothing. The base layer. Finding underwear to fit isn’t a problem as I can wear the standard XL size. Shirts, however are a different story. Does anyone have a suggestion of what to wear and where I might find 3XL undershirts? (I’m looking at you [ profile] ragnorokt as you are a big guy like me.)

I just found out about the Mountains to Sound Relay which sounds like a fun event. I would be willing to participate in the canoe/kayak leg if someone was looking for team members. Although I would be participating to participate, not to win. I am built for pleasure not speed.

Looking at the route I wish the construction in Redmond hadn’t closed the kayak outfitter that was down the street from our apartment. I never did go rent a kayak and paddle around when it was there.

Not only does REI have a wish list feature on their website they now have a simple way to search for clothing in larger sizes. Not fair!

No reason for the icon other than it reminds me of conversations with [ profile] hollyqueen and it's new so I wanted to use it. The rest of this is just a bit of rambling thought for my own notes, but I would love any advice or information you all have.

Thinking more about hiking I think I'm going to need new boots or shoes. My problem is high arches and while wide shoes are more comfortable, my feet aren't wide they're tall. The boots I have are snug with one pair of light socks. I can't imagine wearing another pair of socks in those boots and I don't look forward to any serious hiking with only one pair of socks.

Speaking of socks I need some better ones. One kind to wick water away from my feet and another to keep them warm and comfortable. I used to wear a light pair inside of a woolen pair. Fabric technology has changed so I need to investigate the current options.

I wonder if Backpacker is still a good magaine. Is it like Muddy Water or is it more like Land's End? (Only campers and hikers in Kansas City will get those references. Don't worry about it if you're not one of them.) They used to have good equipment reviews that were written by the folks who actually used the gear.

I hurt. Everywhere. Ok, not on the tip of my nose but I haven’t found anywhere else that doesn’t hurt. For the first time in over a month I don’t feel sick or tired, which is a nice change.

Saturday night I had a great time with [ profile] omg_teh_funnay and [ profile] groovetini. We smoked cigars, drank a bit and talked the night away. The topics included the differences in camping and Boy Scouts as we each grew up in different areas of the country. After dropping [ profile] omg_teh_funnay off at home I thought about hiking and old places I used to visit in the Ozarks.

I came away with two thoughts from the evening. First I need to go hiking again. There are lots of places around here that I need to see. I’m not in any shape to run off to Philmont right away but I could get there again. I have places to walk in the city. I have enough equipment to get started. I will need to find a hiking buddy who can educate me on gear and required equipment since my knowledge is outdated and for a different environment.

The other thought was to start up a Men’s Group. I really enjoy getting together with the guys to socialize. So I want to start a night for the guys. Let me know if you would like to join the <insert club name here> and have some fun with the guys. I’ll add you to my list and let you know when we have our first get together.

If anyone in the Seattle area is carving pumpkins and doesn't want the seeds I'll take them off your hands. I enjoy roasting and eating them.

I have a pair of Dunham boots that I'm wearing to break in a bit before I go hiking. The fit is the best I've had in a while. The only problem I'm having is that the top of the left boot is rubbing on the inside of my ankle and it's starting to hurt. I hope that it's just that they're new and not broken in yet. I paid good money for these and otherwise they've been fantastic the short time I've worn them.

big & tall base layer != cotton boxers



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