I'm doing the Month of Letters challenge this February. I will mail out a hand written letter to someone every mail day in the month of February. If you would like to be on my recipient list let me know and if I don't have your postal address please include it. I've screened comments so that only I will be able to see them.

Last July I challenged myself to an Iron Epistle. In short I challenged myself to send one hand written letter a week. I sent out a few and then things in my life went to hell and I dropped the ball. I have been inspired to try again. Tonight I will write the a new letter to some lucky person on my list.

I have a long list, but if you want to take your chances everyone please add your name and address to that post.

Poe Stamps

Jan. 20th, 2009 12:35 pm
Today I received a nice fat envelope in our mailbox. Did I get a book? A DVD? A long missive from a long lost friend? Nope. I got stamps. A lot of stamps. See you can go online and order stamps and the mail carrier will deliver them with your regular mail. Sure, it costs a bit for the delivery but when you buy stamps in the quantities I do it's a small price to pay. Plus I didn't have to stand in line or anything.

Now to get back to writing letters and sending postcards.

Today I sent out the first Iron Epistle. I hope they enjoy their letter. I’m still accepting entries if you want to get in on the fun.

Last Friday I volunteered as a boat host on the Arthur Foss. I was supposed to be the host from Noon until 6pm but thanks to Google Transit not understanding holidays I didn’t get to the boat until 1pm. We had nearly 1,000 visitors during my shift which was great. I spent most of my time in the wheelhouse answering questions about the boat and her history.

One interesting thing I discovered was that my location on the boat effects what questions I am asked. When I’m in the engine room I get asked about the diesel engine from 1934. In the wheelhouse I was asked why there are two steering wheels and questions about the other equipment. I would guess that I would get a lot of questions about the winch and cables if I was standing on the deck next to them.

My favorite visitors were the small kids and the older gentlemen. The kids are excited about the boat and it’s great to see the wonder on their faces. The older guys usually tell me great stories about working on similar boats.

So far I’ve received a gratifying number of entries for Iron Epistle. One thing I wanted to make clear is that this isn’t only for people on my friends list. Spread the word far and wide so I get lots of practice.

I like writing letters and would like more practice. Specifically I would like to practice writing with a bit of flair. So I am starting Iron Epistle. A challenge to write a letter each week. To keep things orderly, and we all know that I like things orderly, here are the rules:

  1. Leave a comment below requesting a letter. Please include your address and name if you don’t think I know them. (Comments are screened for privacy.)
  2. You may suggest a subject but I make no promises to listen. If we know each other I’ll will probably write a personal letter to you. If I don’t know you well I’ll write about a thought or some interest listed in your LJ profile.
  3. There is no geographical restriction on entries. I’ll accept entries from anywhere although interplanetary mail might take longer to arrive.
  4. I will select an entry at random each week and send them a hand written letter.
  5. You only need to acknowledge receipt of my letter. I welcome any feedback on the content. Bonus points for returning the letter.
  6. You are free to share the contents of the letter as you see fit. I won’t be posting any of them.

So there it is. To end here is a fortune I received at lunch last week:

You have a charming way with words. Write a letter this week.



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