I'm doing the Month of Letters challenge this February. I will mail out a hand written letter to someone every mail day in the month of February. If you would like to be on my recipient list let me know and if I don't have your postal address please include it. I've screened comments so that only I will be able to see them.

I just read a post on Post Letters about a Letter Writing Party. This sounds like a fun idea to me, so I'm expanding up our next Crafty Night with a Letter Writing Party. Come and craft as usual or come and write a letter. I'll have some paper, pens and envelopes available along with any assistance I can give.

The next Crafty Night will be on June 8th starting at 7pm.

Last July I challenged myself to an Iron Epistle. In short I challenged myself to send one hand written letter a week. I sent out a few and then things in my life went to hell and I dropped the ball. I have been inspired to try again. Tonight I will write the a new letter to some lucky person on my list.

I have a long list, but if you want to take your chances everyone please add your name and address to that post.

M’mselle Chatton,

Warm greetings and my compliments to you. I hope this humble missive finds you in most excellent health and wellness. I was honored and pleased to receive your letter requesting more information about The Leber Expeditions. Without further ado, I shall endeavor to explain my purpose.

Spending the winter here in München I longed for the days when I traveled the world. You might have heard about my younger days in India. Traveling around the countryside I was amazed by the wonders I beheld. Having nothing at home to keep me from wandering I began preparations for a new expedition. The problem that crops up is how to enjoy all this world has to offer? Age brings wisdom and the knowledge that my time on this globe is not great enough to complete a great expedition. The inspiration struck. An epiphany one might even say.

Why not use my fortunes to sponsor others of like mind and proclivities? So began the formation of The Leber Expeditions, a society of explorers. They are tasked with the mission of exploring the world and mailing journal entries back to the society. These entries shall be bound into a book for all to read and enjoy. With this in mind I’ve founded The Leber Expeditions and posted the following advertisement.

People wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, harsh weather, long hours. Safe return doubtful. Honour in event of success. Apply to Herr Leber c/o The Leber Expeditions, München.

My hope is that, as you have done, people will mail in their applications to tell me about themselves and where they plan to explore. I will review each application and those of good character, such as yourself, will be welcomed to the society, sent their traveling papers and the first stipend to fund an expedition.

Without further ado, allow me to welcome you as a full member of The Leber Expeditions.

I beg to remain, M’mselle, your obt. svt. &c.,
Herr Remig Leber
The Leber Expeditions

This is the secret project I've been hinting about for the past few days. A letter writing game I've devised for our mutual amusement and enlightenment. Please go look at [livejournal.com profile] the_leber_expd for details. You can ask questions here or there, but there would be the preferred arena for out of game discussions. I'm very excited about this.

Poe Stamps

Jan. 20th, 2009 12:35 pm

I like writing letters and would like more practice. Specifically I would like to practice writing with a bit of flair. So I am starting Iron Epistle. A challenge to write a letter each week. To keep things orderly, and we all know that I like things orderly, here are the rules:

  1. Leave a comment below requesting a letter. Please include your address and name if you don’t think I know them. (Comments are screened for privacy.)
  2. You may suggest a subject but I make no promises to listen. If we know each other I’ll will probably write a personal letter to you. If I don’t know you well I’ll write about a thought or some interest listed in your LJ profile.
  3. There is no geographical restriction on entries. I’ll accept entries from anywhere although interplanetary mail might take longer to arrive.
  4. I will select an entry at random each week and send them a hand written letter.
  5. You only need to acknowledge receipt of my letter. I welcome any feedback on the content. Bonus points for returning the letter.
  6. You are free to share the contents of the letter as you see fit. I won’t be posting any of them.

So there it is. To end here is a fortune I received at lunch last week:

You have a charming way with words. Write a letter this week.

hollyking: (ahead full)

The new issue Diabetes Health magazine has an article on the benefits of practicing taiji. A 2005 study has shown that blood glucose levels decreased in 58% of participants after seven days of practice. Another study in 1996 found that Type 2 patients were able to control their diabetes with less medication.

I haven't been taking care of my diabetes. In fact since I lost my job at McAfee, and insurance, last August I have been very bad. I wasn't really in control before being fired. I took my pills and went to see the endocrinologist every month. But I didn't exercise or avoid sweets like I should. My failure is starting to take its toll as I think I've started to develop neuropathy in my left foot.

I know I've had plans to take better care of myself before and none of them have been completed. There have been some minor successes. I eat more fresh vegetables and seem to have lost 20 pounds somewhere. So each attempt I make gets me closer to the goal and I'm going to cling to that fact, or delusion, and keep trying again. The Enso Center in Redmond has monthly classes that fit in my schedule. So I'm going to sign up and take them. Go me!

[livejournal.com profile] publius_ovidius posted about a paper by Alistair Cockburn in his use.perl.org journal. He boils the paper down to "People not doing the work come up with Ways Things Should be Done. People actually doing the work ignore the Ways but get their work done anyway," and I agree with that summary.

When I first read [livejournal.com profile] publius_ovidius' post I read his summary as "People who aren't doing the work complain about how Things Should Be Done while those who just Get Things Done are doing the work." That thought rolled around my head and I started to see how I have spent more time trying to do things The One True Way instead of just doing them. I hadn't written letters because I didn't have the right pen or paper. I didn't practice taiji because I hadn't found the right teacher. I haven't been active on the radio because I don't have the perfect setup. The list goes on and on. Now when I notice a thought like, "I can't write a letter because I don't have the right paper," I stop myself and say, "Who cares about the paper. Don't you feel special when you receive a note from a friend?"

I just wrote and mailed three letters even though all I had was a ball-point pen and some notebook paper. I wrote this post even though I didn't have the perfect subject or amazing turn of phrase to make my point. If it's been lost in my rambling my point is that the perfect moment may never come. Get it done now. It doesn't have to be perfect to improve your life.



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