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This morning someone said to me, "because you're not REALLY a dirty old man, you're an awesome person who just happens to like sexy things." Once again I have to wonder why people think I'm awesome. I have my fair share of faults and don't feel like I've done anything spectacular. Really, what have I done that's special? I travel and attend music festivals in other countries. I know several other people who do that. My career is stagnant but I do earn a good salary, so that's something I suppose, but again I know others who make as much or more than I do. Don't get me wrong, I think I'm pretty awesome, but why do other people?

After a lot of contemplation I think I have an idea. It seems to stem from the fact that I try to be decent to everyone around me. Everyone deserves to be treated like a person no matter their sexuality, gender, race or religion. I'm friendly to those around me and strike up conversations. I give hugs freely and will gladly return one. Basically I try to live by Wheaton's Law.

Is that what makes me awesome? That actually makes me a little sad. Just being a decent person raises me into a level considered awesome? It must have something to do with it because all of my friends are like me and I consider them awesome. Are we that rare? Rare enough that not being a dick makes us awesome? This shouldn't be the way, we shouldn't be awesome for just being decent. Though it is hard to be awesome and a dick at the same time.

My friends are awesome. Some make fantastic clothing. Others are crafty and creative. One builds amazing devices and machines. More than a few are outstanding musicians. Me? I'm just a kid from Kansas City.
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